Chinese Arrival in Trinidad

Chinese in Trinidad and Tobago

You may have wondered “Are there Chinese in Trinidad and Tobago? Yes, there are Chinese in Trinidad and Tobago. The Chinese people immigrated to Trinidad and Tobago in 4 time periods. They first arrived in 1806 as a government experiment...

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CIA Involvement in Guyana

By: Melissa D. Goolsarran Ramnauth, Esq. | Originally written in 2021 and updated March 2023 This article is about the United States CIA Involvement in Guyana. The United States' Political Interference in Guyana The CIA's involvement in Guyana is often...

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Andy McQueen Outer Banks - Is he Indian?

This article is about Andy McQueen Outer Banks. Andy McQueen stars in Netflix's Outer Banks. He is Guyanese and was born in Canada. His ancestors were brought to Guyana from India. When asked what advice he had for young Guyanese...

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