Are there haunted trees in Guyana? Guyana's Dutchman Jumbie Tree

Updated June 15, 2022

Legend says that the silk cotton tree in the middle of the road at Mahaicony is haunted. It is also known as the “Dutchman tree.” Locals did not cut down the tree because they did not want to free the haunted spirits that lived inside the tree.

The main road was therefore split in two lanes, at this point in Mahaicony, because the builders did not want to cut down the tree and release "jumbies."

A Guyanese newspaper also chronicled the story of a woman who claims that she fainted while playing under the tree as a child. She then began acting strange and the weird behavior continued into her adult life. Similar stories can be recounted by many.

In fact, tales surrounding silk cotton trees are more widespread. African tribes believed that the trees could move and communicate with one another.

The Mayans believed that the trees were sacred. To them, the roots extend to the undergrounds and held up the heavens.

Some believe that a sacrifice must be made before one attempts to cut down a branch.

Jamaica’s legend states that the Spanish would have a slave bury treasure at the base of the tree and then kill the slave to have his spirit guard the treasure. Potential looters were likely too scared to dig up the treasure.

When this article was originally published, some people of Mahaicony were eager to confirm the spookiness of the tree. They were also excited to share that they call Guyana's official bird, the "Stinky Nana."

Have you ever seen the Mahaicony Jumbie Tree, or silk cotton tree, or Guyana's official bird?

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